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Visionary Leaders Achieve Breakthrough

Calling All Visionary Leaders

We are looking to interview nontraditional leaders. Those who think and act differently, who see the limitations of mainstream approaches and are experimenting successfully with post-conventional methods.

Are you such a visionary and transformational leader?  

Do you know such leaders? 

Why Are We Interested in Visionary Leaders?

Dr. Dean Anderson, Being First co-founder and CEO, is writing a new book currently called, “Breakthrough: How Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Results.” Dean is interviewing visionary / transformational leaders about their perspectives on leadership and transformation in the 21st environment.  


What Makes a Leader Visionary or Transformational?

They certainly think, act and lead differently. They tend to be more self-aware, conscious, and mindful, and interested in their own self-development. They value and trust others, and seek other’s opinions rather than believe only they have the answers. They lead co-creatively, engaging people and coaching them to unleash more of their potential. They thrive in challenge and complexity, can see inter-dependencies others miss, and find order where others are overwhelmed in chaos. They see a bigger picture, envision a grander future, and have the guts to pursue it.

Dean’s new book will describe these leaders and how to become one of them. 

Do you know – either personally or by public reputation – such leaders?

If so, please click the button below to nominate them.  


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Going forward, Dean and the rest of the Being First Team will be blogging about this upcoming book and its content. We’d like to engage you in this effort with us through your comments and input to our posts. Click here to be automatically notified of new blog posts.

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