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Discover Your BREAKTHROUGH at Change Management 2017


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In this free eBook you will learn the three key components to leading change effectively, and why even the most ambitios executives end up falling short in their process. 

About Us

Being First is a breakthrough company, providing advanced expertise in personal and organizational transformation. We guide visionary leaders to transform themselves and their organizations to Achieve Breakthrough in business results, culture, leadership, and executive team performance, while building world-class change leadership capability. We are pioneers teaching Conscious Change Leadership, and provide a complete System of Transformation to our executive clients.

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As the developers of Conscious Change LeadershipBeing First uniquely integrates human development and organizational transformation. 

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We develop leaders who are awake, self-aware, and able to see their mindsets in action. These leaders become models of transformation, masterful at remaining centered to perform optimally amidst chaos. They develop “vertically,” and expand their worldview to see more, innovate, and solve your organization’s most complex challenges. Conscious leaders are a requirement for your organization’s Breakthrough.
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We provide your leaders a guidance system – The Change Leader’s Roadmap – to consciously design your organization’s transformation to achieve breakthrough results. We show your leaders how to set transformation up for success, govern it to solve capacity challenges, design it so it builds stakeholder commitment early, integrate initiatives to gain speed, and implement the transformation so results are sustained.
This establishes the momentum for your Breakthrough. 
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We show your leaders how to lead “co-creatively,” beyond the limitations of command and control, so they unleash the full potential of your people. This generates a culture of accountability, mutual support, and trust, where your people focus on enterprise success above personal agendas, and work together across boundaries in service to customers and your organization’s transformation. This delivers your Breakthrough.
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"Having applied this methodology to manage change inside Microsoft, it was instrumental in our ability to land change effectively, engage employees and deliver results quickly."

Pete Fox, Former GM, Microsoft
Discover this methodology for your organization

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"Powerful business solutions to the current chaos facing many organizations today. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson get to the heart of change, the human touch, by using timeless techniques and tools."

Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level

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  • ACMP 2016 Academy Session
  • ACMP 2016 Dean and Linda
  • ACMP 2016 Academy Session
  • 2016 Conscious Wine Tasting
  • 2016 Conscious Wine Tasting

Pictures from the 2016 Conference

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us last year! We look forward to continuing the fun and exploring BREAKTHROUGH together in New Orleans this May!

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Featured White Paper


Succeeding at change is a requirement in today’s marketplace. But as change has become more complex, the failure rate has increased. This white paper outlines a radical new approach to building your organization’s change capability.


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Undoubtedly in your change effort, key executives must work effectively together to maximize success. If these key relationships break down, so do your chances of success. This tool is designed to help key players and teams build strong, sustainable relationships that will foster achievement and learning – simultaneously.

Being First Conscious Wine Tasting Event
Being First Conscious Wine Tasting Event at Change Management 2017
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Change Management 2017


“How to Work with Sr. Executives Who Don't Get It” 

Presented by Dr. Dean Anderson

We'll explore the common executive mindset to understand how best to evolve senior leader's perspective to enable them to see more of what is required for their change efforts to succeed, especially enterprise transformations.  Monday, May 21 at 1:30pm


“Let’s Get Real: Co-Creating Solutions to Our Biggest Challenges as Sr. Change Professionals” 

Presented by Dr. Dean Anderson and Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

In this Masterclass, we will collectively identify our current biggest challenges, and then as a community, generate and share solutions. You will leave this session with greater peace of mind, critical insights, and an action plan you can immediately put in play to resolve your biggest challenges. Wednesday, May 24 at 8:00am




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