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Stakeholder Engagement: How to Reduce Resistance

Thursday, May 9
10am Pacific


Stakeholder engagement during change, done right, significantly reduces resistance, fear and uncertainty – core adoption killers.

Early engagement also has the potential to improve the solution being implemented and increase stakeholders' investment in making the change a success.

Including well-designed and targeted engagement in your project plan builds the momentum for change and shapes a positive and inclusive culture.

In this webinar, we’ll zero in on key, early engagement opportunities and reveal how to maximize these opportunities – saving time, money and increasing commitment and meaningful participation. 


Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

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2019/05/09 1:00 PM EST

Resistance is created in large part because the stakeholders are not being engaged up front and early in the change process.


Experience shows us that early, targeted employee engagement, communication, and inputting to the future state solution is what instills stakeholder commitment to pursue and succeed at change. 

Stakeholder Engagement: How to Reduce Resistance-1Effective engagement has the potential to unleash vast amounts of people's potential and energygreater motivation, more sustained effort, and  inspired levels of creativity for a better future.

Asking stakeholders – who will be the ones to adopt and live with the new reality – what their best thinking is on the issues, design requirements, solution scenarios and impacts prior to implementation are keys to mobilizing the fastest, most successful experience of change. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the many organizational, team and individual performance benefits from engagement done right
  • Identify the most powerful early engagement opportunities in the change process and understand how to maximize these opportunities to save time, money and increase commitment and meaningful participation
  • Deepen your understanding that one-size-fits-all engagement does not work
  • Understand how to dial in the right engagement strategies and actions with the right audiences for key steps in your change effort

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson
Co-Founder and Vice President of Being First, Inc.

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is an international speaker, bestselling author, and strategic advisor to the C-Suite and change consultants worldwide.

For forty years, Dr. Ackerman Anderson has been guiding visionary leaders of America’s Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and global non-profit organizations to transform themselves and their organizations to Achieve Breakthrough in business results, culture, leadership, and executive team performance.

Linda is the co-founder of Being First, one of America’s most innovative transformational consulting firms, and, with her partner, Dr. Dean Anderson, a co-creator of Conscious Change Leadership, an advanced Body of Work that integrates personal and organizational transformation. Linda received an honorary doctoral degree from Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, for this pioneering work. 

Linda co-authored two cutting-edge books that have become classics in the field of organizational transformation: Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results Through Conscious Change Leadership and The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation. She and her co-author, Dr. Dean Anderson, have published over 50 articles on human performance and organizational change, and are the co-developers of The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology.

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